Vs. Soccer is today’s Arcade Archives release

Often, it can be difficult to advise the weekly Game Archive release. For each re-run on Sunset Riders, or Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Hamster offers us a truly antiquated title such as Front Line or, in this week’s case, Vs. Soccer, now readily available to download on Nintendo Switch.
Originally launched for the NES in 1985, Soccer is among the earliest, and therefore most rudimentary digital examples of “The Lovely Game.” One or two players face off on the field in really fundamental soccer action, selecting from a choice of seven world squads and playing in 15-45 minute halfs (in-game time, of course). Not only was Soccer the first football title to be played from a horizontal view, however it even features cheerleaders!
You can have a look at the action in the video below, thanks to YouTuber Retro MGV.

It remains a hard ask to encourage customers to invest $8 on a download of Vs. Soccer for their Nintendo Switch. Hence titles such as Vs. Soccer are suggested for old-school completionists just.

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