Review: Pumpkin Jack

Tonnes of skele-fun. We don’t understand about you, however Halloween is among our favourite times of the year. Fall is in full force, supermarkets are cluttered with skeletons and pumpkins, and it’s perhaps the only time of year where it’s acceptable to see The Exorcist on repeat while making a pig of on Toblerone (although you’ll forgive us if that’s been our Saturday night ritual for much of the year– 2020, eh?). For the majority of us, Halloween will likely look a bit different this year; some may not even trouble celebrating at all. Fortunately, however, Pumpkin Jack has actually gotten here to fill the ghostly space, and we’re pleased to state that it’s absolutely worth choosing up.If you’re a fan of the classic action platformer MediEvil, then you’ll be right at house with Pumpkin Jack. Taking place in the quiet, dreadfully dull Arc En Ciel Kingdom, the Devil himself creates a curse to plunge the kingdom into depths of misery, unleashing monsters and evil spirits upon the poor, unsuspecting homeowners. The King tasks his champ Wizard to safeguard his people, so in retaliation, the Devil gets his own champ to take on the Arc En Ciel Wizard: Stingy Jack.Read the complete post on
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