Feature: We’ve Had Tetris 99 And Mario 35 … So, What’s The Next Nintendo Fight Royale?

99 Links drop onto an Eventide Island … The current arrival of Super Mario Bros. 35 as the 2nd Fight Royale-inspired online multiplayer experience to come following the exceptional Tetris 99 postures the question of what other timeless Nintendo franchises might be offered comparable treatment. As temptations to sign up for the Nintendo Change Online subscription service, the 2 existing video games (one of them limited-time) are spicy little video gaming nuggets that use gamers’ fond memories in a potent way.There’s room to broaden on the existing Mario entry in the category, naturally– more characters, more Mario video game styles, or perhaps just more time to enjoy it– but if we’re tossing great deals of gamers together in a elimination-style, last-player-standing situation, there’s nary a Nintendo series that could not be adjusted to make a fantastic Battle Royale experience.Read the full post on nintendolife.com
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