Capcom confirms you can pet the pet in Monster Hunter Rise, making this hellish year a bit much easier to digest

I’m not gon na lie, Monster Hunter Rise is one of my most prepared for Monster Hunter video games in years.
No, it’s not just because of the amiibo (although that plays a part)! I really dig how Capcom is going full-blown on this cohesive style of Rise, quite actually focusing on vertical environments and enhanced mobility in a Japan-like area. The Palamute (dog) mechanic kind of rules too, as evidenced by this brand-new Twitter video. Yes, you can animal it.
While this meme( that’s gained considerable traction in 2020 while we all look for little success anywhere we can take them) typically goes for the bare minimum with a basic fast animal that might not even involve direct contact; Capcom shows the gamer character palling around with the Palamute canine, rubbing the great young boy on the head and almost hugging it.
Now that’s the wholesome sort of enjoyable I can come down with. I value that Capcom came out of eviction swinging with this one with a Beast Hunter Direct, and is just providing us the little information prior to launch.
Beast Hunter[Twitter]

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