Asus ROG Zepyhrus Duo 15 evaluation: future visions

Double screens are having a moment. With legions of former workplace workers now ensconced conveniently at the kitchen table, portable USB 2nd screens and full-fat video gaming monitors have seen sheer spikes in appeal. After all, there’s a huge space in between what’s comfy and convenient for an hour or two in a cafe and a setup that’ll fit a seven hour workday. There is an alternative to an add-on screen: an ultra-premium laptop that constructs a 2nd screen into the lower chassis, providing you that dual-screen experience from a single supposedly portable gadget. Asus first presented their take on the idea with the creative-focused Zenbook Pro Duo in 2015, but we’re taking a look at the next version: the gaming-grade ROG Zephyrus Duo.Five months after very first going hands-on with this laptop computer in a cramped Bath club, I have actually had the opportunity to test this ultra-premium dual-screen laptop in the convenience of my own house over the past few weeks – and I’m pleased to report that the Zephyrus Duo has actually exceeded my expectations in terms of power, mobility and practicality. There are still numerous disadvantages that need to be overcome before this innovative laptop kind factor can make a full-blooded DF recommendation.So: that second screen then. It’s a 14- inch IPS panel with a resolution of 3840 x1100, sitting beneath the primary 15- inch display screen that on our system is 4K at 60 Hz; a 1080 p 300 Hz screen is likewise available. Unlike the similar 2nd screen on the Zenbook, this one is mounted on a set of levers that push it into a comfortable seeing angle of around 15 °, an action that happens immediately and quietly when the laptop computer’s cover is opened. This elevation likewise allows access to a 29 mm air intake listed below the screen, allowing the effective CPU and GPUs within the chassis to breath – our system featured a Core i9 10980 HK and RTX 2080 Super Max-Q, so they absolutely will benefit from all the air flow they can get.Read more
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