An Undertale Fan Is Turning The Soundtrack Into A Ska Album

Jeremy Hunter has been performing extraordinary covers of popular songs reimagined as third-wave ska tunes for the last couple of years, and we’ve seen several computer game referrals and nods on their YouTube channel Skatune Network. Hunter’s newest task is a full covers album dedicated to Toby Fox’s Undertale, and the very first song is readily available for all checkered Vans-wearing, upbeat-loving Undertale fans everywhere.Skatune Network’s brand-new album cover artFeaturing 10 reimagined versions of tracks from Undertale, the record is called “Despite Everything, It’s Still You,” and consists of a number of collaborations. Patrick from the J-Music Ensemble, which combines J-pop with jazz, is among the artists Hunter caused to finish the project.The initially single from the record is “Determination,” which charges forward from the first beat with a bouncy mix of brass, bass licks, and drums. Hunter plays most of the instruments on the song, with Max Boiko of the VGM Collective playing trumpet and Elwood Bond behind the drums. Boiko even adds a little jazzy style with a trumpet solo, backed up by Hunter’s tenor saxophone.Continue Checking out at GameSpot
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