Here’s what a Crusader Kings 3 character with every disease looks like

“What happens if you give every horrible trait and disease to a Crusader Kings 3 character?” is a question I had never thought to ask: but as ever on the internet, someone did ask that question, and now we have an answer. As you’ve clicked on this article, dear reader, I suspect you might have some idea of the horrors you are about to witness – but be warned, this is proper nightmare fuel. Reddit user “i_hate_usernames” took it upon themselves to enlighten us all by applying every single disease and ugly trait Crusader Kings 3 had to offer to their character, King Svend II Ulfsen of Denmark. Bubonic plague, typhus, smallpox, pneumonia – this guy has them all, and he’s even been made a toadish scaly drunkard to boot. “This is you, unfortunately” indeed. Read more
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