Sega Commemorates 60 Years With Limited-Time Mash-Ups, Prototypes, And More Extraordinary Artefacts

Sega is currently commemorating its 60 th anniversary by opening its vault and sharing some fascinating internal experiments and tributes with its fans. 3 brand-new titles have been revealed, including a model for a cancelled Golden Axe reboot, a Yakuza/Streets of Rage 2 mash-up, and an Unlimited Legend-themed tribute to Dream Zone.The three games will each release a day apart, and while none of them are full-blown video games, they’re fascinating giveaways. The highlight for lots of will likely be Streets of Kamurocho, which takes the characters of Yakuza and puts them into the gameplay of Streets of Rage 2. It’s adorable.We have actually rounded every one up below.Each game will just be offered till October 19 at 10 AM PT, so if you wish to check them out, make sure to do so in the past then.Continue Checking out at GameSpot
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