Preview the Xbox Series X control panel on Xbox One today

Xbox One users get a preview at the Xbox Series S/X control panel today. Microsoft has presented the October update that makes the UI uniform throughout all Xbox devices. That suggests your Xbox One’s dash now will be the exact same as the Xbox Series X’s dash on November10
Microsoft really detailed this back in August, discussing that the goal is a streamlined, linked ecosystem. Some design changes to tile shapes, font styles, and focus indicators are about as splashy as this upgrade gets.
Xbox will be introducing themes (most likely simply like PlayStation’s) that alter the total aesthetic of the control panel. Three new ones were included today that are based around Xbox Series X, Series S, and some next-gen artwork.
There are a few other refinements for lifestyle things. For instance, anybody without automated sign-in made it possible for will be prompted to select a user account when booting the Xbox. The Web page likewise does a better task of populating popular apps for brand-new users. It’s hardly earth-moving things. Finally, Hungarian, Greek, Slovak, and Czech are newly-supported languages.
The future is now. Today’s upgrade marks the a significant turning point in Microsoft’s efforts to bring the same visual style to all Xbox devices. Hey, if you aren’t upgrading to Xbox Series X, at least your Xbox One will feel present while you’re on the Home screen.
October Xbox Update Rolls Out Broadly with A New Fresh Look, Profile Themes and More[Xbox Wire]

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