Terraria got a perk update with the ‘journey’s actual end’

Even though Journey’s End was expected to cap off Terraria, fans have more content to rally around today. Re-Logic released update 1.4.1 on PC, and it’s been dubbed the “journey’s actual end.”.
The totally free upgrade includes “pieces that were not quite prepared in time for the Journey’s End launch date– together with more repairs, balance tweaks, and a couple of brand-new tidbits that we chose to add along the way.”.
Highlights consist of six Vanity Style Contest winners (like the TELEVISION Head and Timeless Tourist), a credits sequence with a brand-new song (as soon as you slay the Moon Lord for the first time), the Princess (an NPC who spawns after killing the Queen Slime), “a handful of brand-new products,” a visual tweak for better-looking armors and vanity products, and brand-new achievements (like getting the Zenith and the Terraspark Boots).
A bunch of balance changes– based upon gamer feedback and Re-Logic’s “own post-launch ideas”– also made it into the upgrade. “A bit of everything has actually been impacted,” according to the team.
Great news all-around for the PC community. The console variations will get there eventually.
Rounding Out the Journey: Terraria 1.4.1 is Here![Steam]

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