Axiom Verge 2 Postponed to First Half of 2021

Thomas Happ Games announced it has actually postponed Axiom Edge 2 for the Nintendo Switch from fall 2020 to the first half of2021
View a trailer of the video game below:

Check out the blog post on the hold-up below:

Anticipating the future is difficult and never more so than in2020 About this time last year, I released the very first (and still to date just) trailer for Axiom Edge 2, which ended boldly with the words “COMING FALL 2020” in all caps. Alas, despite doing everything I might to make great on my prediction, it will not occur. I apologize to all of Axiom Brink’s fans who have been waiting to get more information about this universe. For individuals who don’t want to trouble reading the whole blog post, the closest I’ll go to making another prediction is that it will be out in the first half of2021 Ideally earlier in that window than later, but I do not want to disappoint anyone so I’ll simply leave it there.
Why is it taking so long? I initially based my prediction on the staying functions on my job list and the length of time those tasks took when I was making Axiom Verge. I do not mean to make excuses, but there were a number of factors that led my task schedule astray.
First, the enemies in Axiom Verge 2 are much more advanced than those in the initial Axiom Brink. Whereas in the original all of the enemies followed a set path, in Axiom Verge 2 some enemies scan the environment for you, and if they spot you, they’ll provide chase.

Next, those of you who played the original Axiom Edge will recall among its most distinctive features, the Address Disruptor tool. That’s the tool that lets you problem enemies and the environment. I do not want to spoil too much, however Axiom Edge 2 has something that serves a comparable function but in a manner that offers the player more control over the result.
Third, the art style for Axiom Brink 2 is far more complicated than that of Axiom Edge. You’ll observe in these side-by-side sees that in the first game, each tile was distinct. This developed a purposefully blocky, alien world as befit the storyline. Axiom Verge 2 on the other hand, occurs on a more earth-like world with natural inclines and dips. In order to catch that distinction, it was vital to develop seamless tiles that can blend into one another. This may look like a subtle modification, but it has far reaching implications for the design, art, and ultimately feel of the game.

Lastly of course is that absolutely nothing’s foreseeable these days. On that crisp wintery morning that I launched the trailer for Axiom Brink 2, I had the ability to do insane things like speak with strangers up close. My hands weren’t raw from washing them every time I touched something that hadn’t been in my house for the past 72 hours. My child was making friends at his preschool and had not yet begun weeping in disappointment at how bad a substitute a computer screen is for human contact. Nor, for that matter, had any of us.
I am very grateful for all of the inquiries into the release date for Axiom Edge 2. I had my issues about whether individuals would even care at all about a sequel coming 5 years after the release of the initial. Although it’s taking longer than I originally hoped, I am going to do my best to ensure it’s worth the wait.

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