Amongst Us beta includes brand-new ways to enliven investigations

Among Us designer Innersloth recently revealed it was cancelling prepare for a follow up in order to deal with the original game, and it seems the very first of those modifications are already being presented in the Among Us beta’s October update – with gamers identifying a variety of additions that might make the reduction process rather more challenging. There are no main patch notes, but the community has actually discovered a number of changes that should make a significant difference to the way group decisions are made (thanks AOTF). You can now choose to make votes anonymous, which indicates no one will know who chose who during a meeting – and should make it more difficult to root out imposters. You can also change when the job bar appears during a game, from the default setting of “always” to “meetings” (meaning it will only appear throughout meetings) or “never”. This must make things much more demanding for genuine crewmates, as it allows imposters to lie about the variety of jobs remaining. As assured in a current post, Innersloth is likewise introducing some modifications to make the game more colour blind-friendly, and so the wires task has been become show shapes instead of making gamers depend on colour alone. Find out more
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