Traditional platformer Arabian is this week’s Arcade Archives release

Hamster has launched the newest entry to its extraordinary range of Game Archive releases, which now boasts numerous old-school coin-op classics. And they don’t get far more old-school than this, Sun Electronic devices’ Arabian.Originally launched in 1983, Arabian is single-screen platformer as was normal of the day. Gamers manage a brave prince on a mission to rescue his reasonable princess, held detainee within her own palace. Our young hero cruises the seven seas, ventures through dense jungle, and scales the outside of the palace, prior to lastly saving the woman and taking flight on the required magic carpet. The player should gather a selection of vases, spelling out “ARABIAN,” while dodging different enemies and hazards strewn throughout the environment.You can check out the action below, in this video from YouTuber Old Classic Retro Video Gaming.

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