Razer Reveals New Gaming Chair, Laptops, And More At RazerCon 2020

RazerCon 2020 is a day-long show including new looks at games, product reveals, and live heavy metal performances. Audiences can expect to get new looks at Torchlight III and Empire of Sin, and if you’re a metal fan, you’ll more than happy to hear that DragonForce and Sabaton will close out the show with live efficiencies. On top of all that, GameSpot is functioning as RazerCon 2020’s main media partner, therefore we have a number of items to expose together with the event.Razer is taking steps into some new area with its extremely first gaming chair and PC gaming case. The other new products will be more familiar to fans of Razer’s accessories, consisting of a pair of Bluetooth earphones that boast a 50- hour battery life and cat ears in addition to a plug-and-play microphone that will work excellent for streamers.The day-long RazerCon 2020 livestream is live now, and you can view it exclusively on the GameSpot YouTube channel or Razer’s social platforms.Continue Checking out at GameSpot
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