How to make sure your motherboard is all set for AMD Zen 3


If you’ve been waiting anxiously for weeks to drop AMD’s new Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 into your 500- series motherboard, the time is almost upon us.You will have to do a couple of things to prepare your 500- series motherboard initially. AMD official said for any 500- series motherboard to boot a brand-new Zen 3 chip, it’ll have to have a UEFI/BIOS featuring an AMD AGESA BIOS numbered or higher.You can head over to your motherboard maker’s site and browse the support area for the BIOS for your board. For this Asus Prime X570 P, we found that Asus presently has a BIOS/UEFI version of 2606 on its site that was launched in August of2019 The descriptions for the BIOS/UEFI show that it includes AMD AGESA variation To install it, we ‘d download the file, decompress the file onto a USB stick, and after that reboot into the BIOS.To read this article in full, please click on this link
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