If there’s something I’ve learned over the last few days, it’s this: being a pilot in the Star Wars universe is ruthless. I have newly found compassion for Porkins, the rebel pilot who quickly appeared in A Brand-new Hope, who must have entered his cockpit loaded with adrenaline and goals … just to have it all end with a stray laser. This is the reality of flying through the mayhem of space battle, and Squadrons wants you to know it. Made by Intention Studios, Star Wars Squadrons is really a video game of two halves – in a number of senses of the word. Split into a ten-hour campaign and 2 primary multiplayer modes, both sides somehow feel completely different in spite of sharing the same set of controls, with the story favouring immersion and the multiplayer supplying more of the compelling star-fighting experience I was trying to find. The latter is where Squadrons’ gameplay truly comes into its own, and is only made better when experienced in the frightening charm of VR. Before you get penetrated the multiplayer, nevertheless, you’ll probably want to test your piloting skills in the game’s campaign mode – which has its minutes, however never quite reaches the same heights as the multiplayer. Find out more
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