PS5 Internal SSD Appears to Have 664 GB of Functional Space

Computer game continue to grow in file size every generation and now some video games are well over 100 GB. The next-generation consoles storage will likely fill up rapidly depending on what games users install. The PlayStation 5 comes with an 825 GB SSD, the Xbox Series X a 1 TB SSD, and the Xbox Series S a 512 GB SSD.
Off-screen pictures of the PS5 OS have appeared on ResetEra. One image reveals the PS5 will have 664 GB of functional storage. Astro’s Playroom, the video game that comes pre-installed on the console, uses up 2.38 GB of storage, while the OS and system files takes up around 158 GB of storage..
Individuals who have gotten hands-on experience with the Xbox Series X formerly revealed the console comes with 802 GB of functional space with the OS and system files taking up 200 GB..

The Xbox Series X and Series S will introduce worldwide on November10 The PlayStation 5 will launch on November 12 in The United States And Canada, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, and in Europe and the rest of the world on November19

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