Minecraft Dungeons Displays New DLC, Increased Problem, And Cross-Play

Minecraft Dungeons has displayed some approaching additions during Minecraft Live 2020, including a new paid DLC and 20 new free problem levels. The Minecraft spin-off’s next DLC is called Howling Peaks, and it’ll introduce brand-new snowy biomes and a major new manager to fight.Howling Peaks will consist of the new Tempest Golem employer, which can blast adventures with harsh winds. Along with this boss, there will be brand-new objectives, items, and mobs presented alongside these brand-new environments. This is the 3rd DLC for the game, following Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter.A new difficulty system is being introduced, too, with 20 brand-new difficulty modes being added through the new Armageddon Plus system. This will include 20 brand-new troubles beyond Armageddon VII, which will enable more powerful characters and substantially increased difficulty. Together with this, new enchantments and special items will likewise be added.Continue Reading at GameSpot
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