The midrange Pixel 5 makes Google’s smartphone lineup more confusing than ever


The Google Pixel 5, which was revealed during the company’s Launch Night In occasion on Wednesday, was definitely a surprise– especially if you were paying any attention to the lofty rumors leading up to its launching. Instead of offering a giant screen, the current Snapdragon processor, and modern biometric security, Google’s new handset is surprisingly pedestrian.While we do not mind that the Pixel 5 comes in with a lower price, if you start to compare it to the Pixel 4a 5G, the Pixel 5’s position ends up being confusing. Google delivered on its promise to bring 5G to its budget friendly 4a phone back when it launched this summertime. While it’s not shipping for another month approximately, it’s both $200 less expensive than the Pixel 5 and has a display two-tenths of an inch bigger, with the same processor: To read this post in full, please click on this link
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