Is The Digital PS5 Worth It?

In a huge shift for Sony, the company is releasing two next-generation PlayStation designs this year– the PlayStation 5 ($500) and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition ($400). Both systems have the exact same power and performance, but the digital model does not have a disc drive, and as such, it definitely looks more appealing on the surface with its lower rate point. Owning a digital-only console, nevertheless, includes some extra factors to consider.Hidden CostsGetting a PS5 for $400 is a very interesting proposition. For contrast, the PS4– with a disc drive– likewise gone for $400 USD, but with inflation factored in, that would be closer to $550 There are some concealed costs consisted of with the digital console that are worth taking a look at as you consider your next-gen purchase plans.The very first thing to understand about purchasing a completely digital console is that, undoubtedly, there is no disc drive. Put simply, you can not play video game discs or any DVDs or Blu-rays you may have gathered for many years, and buying games particularly may get more costly depending upon how you store and what your preferences are. Of note is that the disc-based PS5 represents the very first time Sony has equipped one of its consoles with a 4K Blu-ray gamer, but again, that might not be a concern if you do not choose discs anyway.Continue Checking out at GameSpot
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