Five difficult Google Pixel 5 truths you may have missed


Google revealed its Pixel 5 phone Wednesday, and there’s a lot to unpack. Off the bat, it does not have the latest Snapdragon processor, it does not have a 1440 p display, and it disposes the vaunted Soli radar that powered Movement Sense and Face Unlock. There are a few other bits we have actually learned since the Release Night in occasion that you might have missed out on: It doesn’t have any Pixel-specific chips.
Among the reasons why the Pixel phones have such terrific video cameras is due to the fact that of their tremendous on-device AI capabilities. On previous phones, that was due to specialized co-processors that work with the main chip to rapidly process AI-related jobs. On the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3, the Pixel Visual Core managed those tasks, while the Pixel 4 introduced the Pixel Neural Core for handling picture processing, live transcriptions, and the new Google Assistant.To read this short article completely, please click here
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