Tiny Tina’s Bunkers & Badasses TTRPG Now Has An Authorities Sourcebook

Start believing up your own Vault Hunter’s backstory: Borderlands is getting its own main TTRPG based on Tiny Tina’s favorite game, Bunkers & Badasses. The video game is up for pre-order now, either as the sourcebook by itself, or a luxurious bundle of video game board, screen, minis, a dice set, and more.While Borderlands fans have actually been playing Bunkers and Badasses homebrew projects most likely given that it was first presented to the series, you can now play an authorities, Gearbox-sanctioned video game of B&B. A mix of high fantasy and classic Borderlands, the game will see you exploring Pandora through a different lens.The sourcebook includes Tiny Tina’s own Attack on Dragon Keep campaign for gamers who want to experience the Borderlands 2 DLC in real tabletop form, in addition to a one-shot called Marcus’ Quest For The Wizard’s Wand designed to get gamers and striving Bunker Masters accustomed to the guidelines. There’s also a new Tiny Tina-authored campaign called Butt Stallion’s Hunny Heist which is, in her own words, “about gettin smooches and blowin things up and talkin about feelings but mainly blowin stuff up.” Continue Reading at GameSpot
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