Mind Scanners is an unnerving ‘retro-futuristic’ task simulator

Mind Scanners is a point-and-click simulation video game about “dealing with” the people of a retro-futuristic megacity integrated in a crater, and it deserves enjoying if you have actually been indicating to fill the Papers, Please void with something fresh. At a glimpse, 2 features of this low-key scary game stood apart to me.
The first– as shown throughout the trailer– is that your physical interactions in the world are spirited and tactile in a way that looks fun. You’re using “arcade-style devices” to treat patients in The Structure.
Second, Steam has a few interesting bullet points about how you can report or sign up with a resistance group, and how you require to “get the trust of The Structure if you want to see your daughter once again.”.
There’s some cool stuff brewing in here. The Outer Zone is aiming for an early 2021 release of Mind Scanners, but prior to then, the team will have a limited-time Steam demonstration on October 7.
” Invite to The Structure, get to work” is such a 2020 state of mind.

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