Elite Dangerous will not charge for its Horizon expansion any longer

If Elite Dangerous is the last frontier, then its Horizons growth is the complimentary frontier. Beginning in a month, anyhow.
Elite Dangerous is getting an upgrade next month that rolls the Horizons add-on into the base game on all platforms. You could take a look at this and say it’s completely totally free. But, it might be better to state that Horizons is just part of the standard Elite Harmful experience from now on..
Whichever way you see it, Elite Dangerous is going to get larger on October27 For anybody who currently acquired Horizons, they’ll get Azure paint tasks that can be used on all ships in the game. Horizons will remain on sale up until October 26, effectively just so people have a last chance to buy those Azure paint jobs. That does not look like an incredible usage of $30 however I’m not in charge of your individual financial resources.
There’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to Odyssey, as this is the expansion that’ll allow you to ditch the spaceship and explore worlds on foot. It makes sense.

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