Xbox Series X Significantly Reduces Load Times for Numerous Xbox One Games

The next-generation consoles are less than 2 months far from releasing and one of the most talked-about aspects of the consoles is the inclusion of a solid-state drive (SSD) and how they will greatly decrease load times for games..
A number of gaming outlets have launched hands-on sneak peeks of the Xbox Series X today and The Edge has tested the packing times of Xbox One video games on the Xbox Series X and comparing it to the filling times on the Xbox One X. The load times have considerably enhanced for many video games using the Xbox Series X SSD..
Sea of Thieves saw load times drop from one minute and 21 seconds on the Xbox One X to simply 20 seconds on the Xbox Series X, while Fate 2 dropped from one minute to 52 seconds to 43 seconds. Warframe now takes 25 seconds to load and The Outer World loads in an excellent 6 seconds.
Red Dead Redemption 2 also improved in filling times, but not by as much in regards to portions. It went from one minute and 35 seconds to 52 seconds. No Man’s Sky went from two minutes and 13 seconds to one minute and 27 seconds..
Check out the complete comparisons below:.

Video game.
Xbox Series X.
Xbox One X.

CoD: Warzone.
16 seconds.
21 seconds.

Red Dead Redemption 2.
52 seconds.
1 min, 35 seconds.

The Outer Worlds.
6 seconds.
27 seconds.

Evil Within 2.
33 seconds.
43 seconds.

Sea of Thieves.
20 seconds.
1 minutes, 21 seconds.

25 seconds.
1 min, 31 seconds.

AC: Odyssey.
30 seconds.
1 minutes, 7 seconds.

No Male’s Sky.
1 minutes, 27 seconds.
2 mins, 13 seconds.

Fate 2.
43 seconds.
1 min, 52 seconds.

The Xbox Series X and Series S will introduce worldwide on November10

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