Nioh 2 is getting ninja claws with Darkness in the Capital

It feels like I simply batter yokai with Benkei in Nioh 2: The Tengu’s Disciple a few days ago, but Group Ninja is already coming back with Darkness in the Capital, the second story growth, on October15
Throughout Tokyo Video Game Program 2020, the studio shared an eight-minute sneak peek of the DLC’s brand-new claw weapon that’s going to look familiar to any Ninja Gaiden II fan who took pleasure in slicing and dicing limbs with Ryu’s Falcon’s Talons. I’m liking this trend up until now. Ninja Gaiden is a fantastic series to draw from.
The video reveals a Demon Parade Photo Scroll mission, so we aren’t going to glean any lore or see brand-new opponents this time, but it’s an excellent first take a look at the claw moveset. The leaps and backflips look fun.
When it comes to the story, it’s another time-traveling romp. We’re headed back to ancient Kyoto.

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