How I made the most out of a dreadful, awful summertime

[TheBlondeBass put together a game jam and invited the Destructoid community to join him for the journey. After all the smoke had settled, he wrote this blog detailing his experience and even shared a link to the finished product, along with the page for the other entries as well! Be sure to check them all out and let these fine folks know what you think! – Kevin]
2020’s been a crummy year for almost everybody. Unless your name rhymes with Beff Jezos, you have actually probably felt it too. The tension of a scenario of which we seem like we have little control over, or maybe of not knowing if your job is safe. The isolation of not seeing your friends face to face, while losing the inspiration to do so online. All of it around draws to invest that much time in one’s apartment or condo, fretting about the world.
Due to a range of factors I won’t enter into, the year has actually impacted me a lot. I’ve been tired, dissatisfied, anxious, and irritable. The circumstance was showing no signs of improvement back in May, and I needed something to alter. I needed something, besides work, to consider. Something like …

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