Square Enix’s eShop sale means it’s time to pack up your Change with Last Dream games

A cozy weekend with a few of your favorite Last Dream games on Nintendo Switch sure noises great. It’s hard to validate purchasing re-releases when we’ve been there and done that several times before on other platforms, so if you’ve been claiming a sale to stock up, I got you. Today’s the day.
Square Enix is running a Nintendo eShop sale on a variety of Last Fantasy video games and other RPGs.
Nintendo Change

Chocobo’s Secret Dungeon Every Pal! ($1999).
Last Fantasy VII ($ 7.99).
Last Dream VIII Remastered ($ 9.99).
Final Dream IX ($1049).
Final Fantasy X/X -2 HD Remaster ($2499).
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age ($2499).
Last Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD ($1499).
I Am Setsuna ($1999).
Lost Sphear ($1999).
Oninaki ($2499).
Romancing Legend 2 ($1249).
Legend Scarlet Grace: Aspirations ($2249).
Spelunker Party! ($1499).
Star Ocean First Departure R ($1406).
World of Final Fantasy Maxima ($1999).

Nintendo 3DS.

Last Dream Explorers ($1999).
Theatrhythm Final Dream Curtain Call ($1999).

On a related note, I can’t worry enough how handy it is to have deal expiration dates right there on each individual listing in the eShop. This sale will stick around until September 30 at 8: 59 a.m. Pacific.

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